Derek H. Wells - Founder and CEO

Dr. Derek Wells has over 20 years of research and leadership experience in academic and industrial biotechnology. Prior to founding ExoPolymer, he served as the CTO at Antheia, Inc., and was a senior scientist at DuPont Industrial Biosciences, formerly Genencor, a Danisco Division. His scientific expertise spans protein engineering, metabolic pathway engineering, molecular biology, and genetic modification of fermentative organisms for the production of valuable target molecules. Dr. Wells received a PhD in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, and a BS in Plant Genetics from UC Berkeley.

Sharon R. Long - Founder and Chair, SAB

Dr. Sharon Long is the Wm. C. Steere, Jr. – Pfizer Inc. Professor in the Department of Biology at Stanford University, Professor by courtesy in the Department of Biochemistry in the Stanford School of Medicine, and recipient of the 2019 Selman A. Waksman Award in Microbiology from the National Academy of Sciences. Professor Long and her research group have used genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and imaging to analyze plant-microbe interactions, and have made fundamental discoveries on the chemistry of bacteria-host signaling, gene regulation, and cell biology. Professor Long received her undergraduate education at the California Institute of Technology. Her Ph.D. is in Cell and Developmental Biology from Yale University, where she studied plant developmental biology with Ian Sussex.  She carried out postdoctoral training with Fred Ausubel at Harvard University.